Yafray lightning

Hi! Im learning blender and yafray so im trying diferent things to understand lightning and texturing.
The problem that i can’t understand is why do i get this brightnes in some areas of the image? I have used 2 area lights (energy 1) the one from the sliding door and the other from the ceiling.

gama 1.7
Method: full
Quality: best
Cashe parameters - default
emit power: 40
Photon parameters
count:10000 :slight_smile:
radius: 1
mix: 100


Hi, first be sure that your walls and ceiling have some thick. Extrude them if not.

Second, keep arelight power=1 and use emitPwr to control arealights intensity.

can you show where your area lights are?

There are 2 lights the one from the door and the other from the roof skylight.
Here is the file that I’m testing.http://www.4shared.com/file/2846952/1c67fb99/indoor2.html

I found what is the problem over the door. the roof was just a littlittle higher from the wall

Why does the word shader efect lightning? I can’t set up the world material to a light blue as it will emit blue light all over the place.

The lighting and stuff in this is nice, but looking at your mesh, it’s sooooo high poly! You could probably remove about 90% of those polys! :smiley:

And lightning and lighting are different things. At first I thought it was going to be “shooting bolts from the sky” kinda lightning. Cool render though.