Yafray (NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I just downloaded yafray,and instilled it but when I go into the folder and try to open the exe. it does not open. I dont know what to do,do i open it using blender?

thanx for any help

Yes, Yafray is accessed thru the Blender GUI. There is a really good video tutorial for Yafray (and GIMP) here: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=43694. There is a drop down in the render buttons (F10) right under the big orangeish Render button that says Blender Internal. You can switch to Yafray via that dropdown.


hay I can not see the vid it is in a different vid format.Anyways do I have to put yarfey in my blender folder? Because when ever I hit render with yarfey in blender,it just shows a black screen.