Yafray / new color ramp and bumping gone?


I’m testing like mad with the pre-2.34 version (2.33 - ver 8)
and the blender.org seems pretty dead (no answers in 1-2 days)
so I’m trying here…

Is there Bumpmapping support in Yafray at all? When I render
bumpmapping with Yafray it seems to vanish from my maps.

Second question…the new cool color-ramp-shader…does it
affect Yafra at all? It seems like the colors dissappear
when I’m rendering in yafray.

I’ve tested this with both the windows and os-x version
of the new 2.33 - ver. 8.

Yafray ver. 0.07 pre.

Thanks for your co-testing and attention.

That’s why I started posting here. I usually only visit Blender.org for Blender releases.

I would have thought bumpmapping was possible but I heard that the ramps don’t work in yafray. Try using the yable script for exporting to yafray. I think it manually lets you build yafray materials so that might have bump support or whatever but I doubt the ramps will work as it’s such a new feature.

Thanks osxrules, I’d belive you’re right.


It seems that bumping kind’a “half-work” because it shows up
in reflections…but it doesn’t affect light such as it does
in the internal blender-render-engine. Example - it doesn’t
create “holes” or “bumps” by using stucci procedural as it
would in the blender engine.

Any fix for this?

Edit just made a quick model & some materials just to reflect
the problem:


Bumpmapping should work (except for deformed meshes), but you most likely will have to increase the nor parameter to match the Blender render. This is different for procedural textures (which btw will produce a different result anyway), which might need less of an increase. Which reminds me that I need to improve that a bit more while I still can. The ramp shaders are still not used in yafray, or the new texture (div/screen/etc) modulation options, the blendershader in yafray needs a lot of work. Sorry for that, but I have been away for some time unable to do anything.

Hi Eeshlo,

Thanks for your response.

Ok, I got it so far - except for that one with the deformed meshes.
By “Deformed Meshes” -> do you mean modified primitives such
as a box…extruded into a custom mesh like a human?. I’ll check into
it further as it (to me) looks like the quality of the Yafray renderer
has increased somewhat since 0.6.2. (not to mention the speed…awesome).

Another question. Is there some kind of “auto-exposure” in the Yafray
Renderer? Sometimes I get really weird light results that to me seems
like Yafray is controlling the overall blackness (contrast) in the image.
Any way to control this myself if it’s so?

Thanks for your time and effort, much appreciated.


I think by “deformed meshes” he meant displacement maps

No, with ‘deformed meshes’ I meant meshes deformed by armatures/lattices. Bumpmapping in those cases doesn’t work, but that’s only true for bumpmapping, all other mappings do work with deformed meshes.

As for the image contrast/exposure, that is what the exposure/gamma sliders in the ‘yafray’ panel are for. Yafray does not have an autmatic exposure function. The differences you get are just a result of the very different light models used in Blender and yafray. Try setting ‘exposure’, a value I almost always use is 1.4142136 (sqrt of 2). Adjusting gamma will also help but also tends to have a ‘bleaching’ effect on colors. More advanced ‘tone mapping’ as it is called is still on my todo list, I have lots of code still waiting to be ported to yafray from my own renderers and other programs.

Thanks Eeshlo, I’ll try those numbers.

And for the “bleached” effect - yeah…that’s the effect I’m worried about.
A lot of Yafray renders seems to suffer from this, maybe it’s just “us”
not beeing able to set the lights right for Yafray yet - but I’m working
on it :slight_smile: