Yafray NOR (bump mapping)

it seems that the latest release of yafray has issues with bump mapping (or more likely i’m doing something wrong)

It appears to be noisy on reflective surfaces (i’m using it for an engraving on a ring)

it used to work perfectly (nice clean edges)

I haven’t changed the blend file, (though with the change of blender versions I needed to increase the nor) and it looks all dirty.

I’ll try and post an image if no-one knows what I’m talking about, just dont have time to do it at the moment

Anyone had similar problems? (also the blender internal renderer works

Using latest blender 2.34 and yafray 0.0.7

Is you texture a procedural or an image?

an image.

do procedural textures even work from blender? (is the same procedural code in yafray?)