Yafray not working - Is it supported anymore?

Couldn’t FIND registry key for Yafray, is it installed”

I tried most of the suggestions found on the internet (and here) to fix this problem. Lots of people asking the same question, but no straight forward-simple answer. I did not try compiling Blender and Yafray with the same compiler. I am not into installing more stuff onto my computer when the last version of Blender worked fine.

I tried an earlier version of Blender, and now that doesn’t work either. (Is the new YAFRAY non-compatible?)

Anyhow, I find it pointless for me to use Blender if Blender drops Yafray, and/or Blender doesn’t integrate a rendering engine like Yafray, in the near future. All these hoops and tricks to make a 3D rendering work inhibits my creative thinking. It is like trying to do an oil painting with a 3-handled brush that requires special service in order to paint something.

Any help or suggestions is appreciated.

Any help here?


Or here?


I can’t find the following “Render Button”, other than the regular button in Blender:
“The settins interface is launch by dividing your Blender 3DWindows and clicking in menu Render>Yafray Export 003”
…“what menu, there are tons of them in Blender”… can’t find anything.

I’m not sure as I have not played around with the new yaf(a)ray yet, but would that menu be in the scripts window under render? That’s what it sounds like to me.

i tried to render with yafray and got a black screen
so i guess there is a bug with this 2.48 for yafray
but this as to be reported on the proper site i guess
which i’m not certain wehre to ?
hopefully this will be corrected in the final released version

i never read anywhere that yafray woulb be out for the time being
but in any case there are other renderer that you can use too like indigo ect,



I uninstalled Yaf(a)ray, and Blender 277, and went with older versions. Now everything is back to normal.

as i remember 2.47 was ok with yafray!


some clarificastions

the new bversion of yafray was built because people had problem with the yafray version
and someone decided it was better to built a new one than to try to debug the old version
or modifiy it
so i’m not certain that yafray will be there for the next 5 years unless someone can understand it and be able to add more things to it !