anyone know whats up with yafray.org??
been trying to get the 0.0.7 pre cvs but i havent been able to connect to the server or website for the past few days, is there server down or something or is it just me?
i want to try out the yafray plugin mode but no luck getting yafray… :frowning:

bah, didn’t someone ask this a couple days ago?

[yeah, so that wasn’t a yafray thread, who cares?]

hmm i gather there is no mirror for it either eh? :-?

Hi to all.

YafRay site is now up. In fact, it never was down. It was not our fault, we are hosting into Oviedo University network and, somebody found funny to change all main routers from a building to another one… And entire network was down for four days.

Maybe “we” have new problems in next hours, sorry.