Yafray OS X anyone got it working?

Anyone got Yafray working in OS X? Everytime I try to render with it I just get a plane black image, like nothing is there?

I had the same problem until I realized I downloaded Yafray for Panther. I’m still on Jaguar, which there’s no installer for yet. Keep checking the website, hopefully it will be uploaded soon!

I have Jaguar so don’t get your hopes up. From what I’ve heard no one has got it working on a mac.

Um. I don’t know what you two are talking about, I’m rendering something in YafRay right now on OS X 1.3.5. Are you talking about rendering with Yaf in Blender, or Yaf by itself?

whaT?? im using yafray a lot in my mac. with panther 10.3 do you downloaded the last yafray in their site??

I’m talking about rendering from within Blender 2.34.

I was having the same problem last night. Go to Applications > Utilities > Console and check for a message from Blender about the Yafray export directory not being set. That was my problem. Setting it to /tmp/ works (it’s up there in the user preferences area somewhere if you drag down the top panel).

Alternatively you can unclick the XML button on the Yafray tab, that might work. If you do that you get to see the progressive update.

I hope this helps.