YafRay problem...

I was working on this tutorial yesterday:


The problem I was having, using Blender 2.33a and YafRay 0.0.6, was the Yafray was not rendering correctly at all. I was curious if someone could fire up 2.33a and try out that tutorial, with Yafray 0.0.6 to render and see if it’s causing any problems for you. I tried it 3 different times and always got the same results. Thanks!

Could you perhaps be a little bit more descriptive about what the problem is?
And what was different aout these 3 different times that always got the same results?

The candle flame is done with particles.
Yafray doesn’t do particles or halos of any sort.

Just stick to the blender render. Why do you need to use yafray anyway?

I don’t know why I need Yafray, it was there so I grabbed it. :stuck_out_tongue: Good to know about the particles & stuff. Thank you for the info.

Basically the problem was the flame wasn’t showing up and the lighting on the outside of the candle wasn’t showing right, which it does in the internal engine. Thanks!