Yafray problem

I tried to install Yafray into my pc ( win 98 ) and it said that I need something.dll and gave a link tothe Msoft site I could get it on. It comes as part of a runtime 1.1 update. My online computer is not the one with Yafray and Blender. Does any1 know any way to get get the file anyway?

Never heard of something.dll. %|

Wrong Forum

Not something.dll but (something).dll ---------.dll or whatever.
I dont know what it’s called.
What do you mean wrong forum, this is hardly a WIP

How is anyone supposed to help you when you don’t know the file name?

A question like this belongs to Blender General, as you have a problem using Blender (/YafRay)

try the YafRay site /forums…


falls on floor laughing

that was rather funny…

Yeah, there kinda is a forum for, uh, other software useful with Blender…

But, texture plugins like the Lsystem, and rsystem are .dll .

I never saw any of those when I installed YAFRay. You using XP?

search for something.dll
put it in some windows folder
reinstall yafray
repeat with the next something.dll that may come up.
or save the something.dll to a disk and install to some windows folder on the comp you run yafray on.
good luck