yafray problem

Hi, I dunno if I should be posting this in the yafray forum. Basically When I go to the render buttons and select yafray, blender crashes. I have re-installed both blender 2.47 and the newest yafray and it still happens. I point yafray to C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender which is where my blender is installed. Any solutions?

It doesn’t work on Windows any more. There are several threads about it.
You could try an earlier version of Blender or use Yaf(a)ray.

Thats funny… I’ve got yafray and it doesn’t crash either Blender or Yafray.
I have “Windows XP”

Oh well, problem solved - everybody back to work…

although with yafray on
windows you either have to disable or enable one of the button. I forget what it is called

Enable xml :-

In this instance it is disabled.(Linux user)

Thanks everybody, Blender still crashes with xml on or off, but I have installed yaf(a)ray and am using that. It works fine, just gotta learn how to use it…

Edit: scratch that, both yafray and yaf(a)ray are working fine now!!!