Yafray pyramid

i took my first successful render with yafray and kept adding little things to it until i got this… i was going for a kind of modern art gallery sort of thing, so tell me what you think!


c&c welcome but be gentle!![/img]

Very Well Done, I think you deserve some applause! :smiley:

[Clap] [Clap] [Clap]!!!

How u get the grainy look on ur pic, i try the ambient occlusion but that didnt do anything!

blende, im using yafray and AO together… i noticed that if the lighting is too intense, the AO doesnt show up… maybe try dimming the lights a bit

Nice pic, well done…

it seems there is light coming from bottom right of the image, shining on the block under the pyramid. i wonder if you could try to make some nice looking caustics with the pyramid… Have a look at the photonlights.

Greetings, Andreas