yafray question

he guys,

I got a question I dont get this when i render with yafray i get this:http://img7.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img7&image=snowman_yafray.jpg

its like there is no light

but ive done everything just like this pic said here:http://www.blender3d.org/cms/typo3temp/b9fe6fb0a9.jpg

u have to add more lamps/ move the one uve got

it cant be that cause when i dont use yafray the lighting is perfect

lights in yafray are treated differently than with the internal renderer. energy and distance are crucial. also raytracing settings, and raydepth can make a big difference, especially with reflective objects. also, point lights and spotlights require different setup, as point lights seem to be much brighter.

jim ww

Turn on GI

ya you are right about the ray depth and stuff but…where can I put on GI

thx for all of your help btw

in the rendering setup buttons, set the renderer to yafray, then you will have a couple of tabs behind the render tab, which say ‘yafray’ and ‘yafray GI’. turn off the button on the yafray tab that says ‘.xml’, and on the yafray Gi tab, turn on your GI method ( sky dome or full ) and set the quality too. that should do it, unless i have forgotten something. i hardly ever bother with GI, i am too impatient. raytracing is slow enough for me!

jim ww

hmm well i changed that lamp to a sun but now i dont see any textures: