YafRay Question

I did ask this question in a reply in the Yafray Basics blah whatever thread but think this deserves more attention.

For you junkies who love to use particle effects in your renderings, you always avoid YafRay when doing it. Why? Because YafRay won’t render it for me! I tried this on one of the 3 computers at school I inspired my teacher to install it onto, and noticed this when i wanted to render a scene that included particles in YafRay.

The problem (simply): Particles won’t render in YafRay!
The Question: Is this going to be fixed in a later release of either Blender or YafRay? (I think it’s the YafRay people who should do it because it’s THEIR rendering engine that won’t do it.)

What do you think? If I’m incorrect in this, and you’re able to get particles to render in YafRay, please post your comment here.

Will nobody help??? I need this answered badly.

And how come my yafray renders in such bad quality (on lighting, you can see rings around things)

No it doesn’t:


and the reason I think nobody has answered is because suggestions for Yafray are better discussed here:



Yes but it’s in inconvenience for me to sign up for another message board right now. I’m signed up for 4 already as it is.