Yafray question

I’ve just started with rafray and i have some problems rendering / lighting.

Compare my image and the image of the tutorial, and you see that mine is not smooth, and has some weird shadows (for example the corners of the cube’s are dark!) And my ‘area light’ beneath the emitting lamp, is not making a white reflection on the ceiling)


MY image:


This looks very much like the “Tune photons” step. Turn off Tune photons, turn on Cache, and set the GI mode to Higher. See if this works.

I’ve already done that; it kind of suprised me too :eek:

Well now that’s weird. If you want to post a blend somewhere and post a link, I would be happy to give it a go on my PC. Maybe a fresh set of eyes will figure it out.

I’m not able to upload my blend; but here are my current render settings; i’ve only worked on yafray for 2 hours; so it’s possible that my mistake is very simple

Oh sorry, i can see that i made a mistake in the screenshot; when i rendered the scene; tune photons was OFF!!

As I get time I will try the Tut. I never did that one. To post a blend file you would need to use an outside uploader I use: http://uploader.polorix.net/ It is a Blender centric site setup my a Blenderhead.

Okay it works fine for me. Granted not the easiest Tut to follow, because it is trying to teach more than one thing at once. But non the less, it works. Scroll to the bottom of the Tut page and download the example ZIP file. Compare the Cornell.blend file with yours to see where the difference is.