YafRay Render, "Block Style" (how to render that w

Excuse my rough descriptions.

The other week i recieved an example .blend from someone (thanks again :)) to show some YafRay settings. Well i quickly noticed that when i rendered in his, the YafRay Render Screen showed the rendering sequence in 2 phases, and each phase was built on a grid of squares.

It’s almost as if it would render each square at a time. But it wasent the “xparts” thing. I could not find the setting that differed from mine at all…

So my questions are simple.

1.) What is this?

2.) How do i do it?

3.) Does it provide any specific benifit?

Hope i described it well enough, if not i’ll try and screen capture it.


Render button -> Yafray (obvious)
Click on the Yafray Tab and make sure xml is off. I think that is what you mean.

Benefits? Well you see it, but it actually takes up more resources to render like that (or so I read) I read that here: http://wiki.yafray.org/bin/view.pl/UserDoc/GauravGuide

Well i havent read it, but just by testing it seems faster without xml. And what resources matter when you render? Your PC is usually 100% maxed out anyway lol.

Yeah, rendering sure is a pig. :slight_smile: