YafRAY rendering error

most of the time when i try to render with YafRay, an error comes up :<
how can i fix this???


Yes, that has been annoying me too. Seems to have started from 2.36 RC onward (although similar problems also occurred for 2.23).

I think it has something to do with photons. But sometimes it’s completely random (ie. it doesn’t work but works when you restart Blender).

What error? I can’t see anything, so I can’t really help at the moment. Several changes have been made to the code which might not be compatible anymore with the official release, though I can’t imagine it causing errors.

The console screen doesn’t show any error. It’s just Windows spitting the dummy.

Unfortunately, it’s very random, but can be reproduced. For example, create a mesh cube, set renderer to Yafray with Cache and Photons both enabled. XML/plugin mode doesn’t matter. Click render, and as soon as the fake pass commences… crash!

The crash occurs when/for:

  • Cache and Photons are both enabled
  • with and without a photon emitter.

The crash occurs whether the Yafray renderer is executed as a plugin or externally called (XML export enabled).

Screenie with console shown (plugin mode, no photon light):

It’s the old ‘0 photon’ problem again… has been solved quite long ago, but since there has been no new release sofar, this keeps coming up again and again…
It has been posted (third time now I think) on the Blender bugtracker as well, have to remove that.
Hopefuly there will be a new release soon to finally put this to rest.

so i cant use yafray?

I still don’t know if this has anything to do with your problem, I can’t see the picture you posted, but if it is anything similar to what samjh posted then I don’t see why you can’t, if you get a crash because of the ‘0 photon’ problem, then switch off photons, no photons are stored, so no photons needed.