Yafray rendering times and .... stuff

I know it completely depends on a scene or speed of computer, but how long would it take to render a 1600x1200 image in yafray?

cas my system would take like a month or something to render that…

I know its an ambiguous statement, and i don’t really know why i’m asking it… maybe there should be a default scene to use for benchmarking or something…

I have a scene I created in blender, and it looks great with the internal renderer, I wanted to see what it would look like in yafray, except, the lights are all wrong. If i adjust the lights, to preview each scene, I have to put the res on really low (1/4 of 640x480) even then it takes a min to render, then I adjust it a little bit, try again, adjust a little, try again… ends up taking hours. that and I can’t really even see what I’m doing cas its too small.

Could anyone offer any advice?

I shouldn’t really complain, blender’s internal renderer is bloody good anyways…

My computer rendered an image with ~60,000 verts, using skydome GI at best quality, and most of the objects were raytraced reflections, at 3000x3000 in about 3 and a half hours. It does depend on the spec though, I think processor speed affects it most, as (and I could be wrong here) I don’t think Yafray uses your graphics card to render, it’s all just bruteforce mathetmatical calculations. I have an Athlon 2400+, which runs at 2GHz, so it’s not too bad.

There is a benchmark facility in blender, it’s on the top menu, most people use it with the default cube, and it returns an FPS. Obviously the yafray benchmark could be different though.

Yeah, that’s the way I test in yafray, you just use a low resolution, and low quality, you can still get an idea of how the lights look. Area lights in particular are totally different when using yafray, the power is a lot less. If you want the result, the only way is to spend hours sometimes. Have patience! (or upgrade your pc :stuck_out_tongue: )