Yafray Rener-Low Poly Spartan

Here is a low poly model of a spartan from the game HALO. I was wondering

  1. How to make the yafray render clearer because it looks like there is no OSA but there is.
  2. How to make the shadow more defined and darker

Matt: If you are using cached pathlight (which it looks like you are), turn down the Refinement (I’d try .100 or something like that, I haven’t played with this too much) and turn up the ShadQu (shadow quality). It says not to turn it up past .95, but I’ve put it on 1.0 before, and it worked. Be forewarned: turning it up this high will give excellent shadows, but your render will take a LLOONNNGGG time. If you turn up the ShadQu that much you may not even need refinement. Tweak away :D.



looks liek the stone golom from time splitters2