Yafray rocks! - update - final

Just playing with

wow do u think you can post the .blend for es

I’m not very familliar with Yafray…how long did something like that take to render?

if you are interested, at bender.org in forum/test builds jesterkings sticky has a build that can render world images and hdr files to yafray without editing the xml file.

heh… looks so real! metalic… COOL!

It took 3 hours on a P-II 1Ghz (running a lot of other things :slight_smile:
Sorry, but the .blend file was used only as a starting point, then I mess with the exported xml.

The relevant parts are:

<shader type=“blendershader” name=“Silver” >
<color r=“0.000100” g=“0.000100” b=“0.000100” />
<specular_color r=“0.300000” g=“0.380161” b=“0.500050” />
<mirror_color r=“1.000000” g=“0.999900” b=“0.999900” />
<diffuse_reflect value=“1.000000” />
<specular_amount value=“2.000000” />
<hard value=“511” />
<alpha value=“1.000000” />
<emit value=“0.000000” />
<IOR value=“1.510000” />
<reflected r=“1.000000” g=“0.999900” b=“0.999900” />
<min_refle value=“0.500000” />
<matmodes value=“traceable shadow” />

<light type=“pathlight” name=“path_LT” power=“1.0” depth=“3” caus_depth=“2”
cache=“on” use_QMC=“on” threshold=“0.100000”
cache_size=“0.010000” angle_threshold=“0.2” shadow_threshold=“0.1000000” search=“50” gradient=“off” >

<background type=“HDRI” name=“world_background” >
<filename value=“c:\yafray\yfexport\kitchen_probe.hdr” />

I know… it 's orrible!!!

wow the first one looks photoreal. The second one however doesn’t look as real, the surface looks like fossilized sap, and looks too bumpy.

wow… shrink wrap plastic on packing cussions with the texture of a wood floor! interesting… (rework it!)

Last run…(2 hours took)


This one is in my opinion the best of them all. Good work.

cool :slight_smile: looks like linoleum… (spelling?)

great work so far!

Dang thats photo-realistic! I like photo realistic.