yafray sea test

(click to play)


I think it looks good, simple but nice. The motion of the water is ok, but the camera movement is too jerky IMO.

The shaking is a bit unnecessary. If you vertex parented the camera to a vertex of the mesh (alternatively you could use a hook) the camera would roll with the waves nicely.

It looks good by the way.

yay , how much it took to render ?

I smell a tutorial.

Nice. Waiting for more.

I like it, did you used voodoo camera tracker for the camera shaking? I think a bit of random movement in the camera increases the reality sensation

thanks for all comment

for this animation I used a few techniques (mini tutorial)

1 .New Ocean Techniques in Blender http://www.cogfilms.com/tutorials.html
2. Camera shaking
3. For better camera shaking I parented it to a tringle by vertex parent. That tringle has shhrinkwrap modifier mapped to “sea” surface so camera is moving like in real world, like someone who is standing in a boat on the sea and holding in his hands camera:spin:

1 frame = about 25 - 28 sec. to render on Quad Core // 250 frames total (click to play)

Is that last one yafray as well?


That looks nice :slight_smile:

Could you perhaps post a .blend with the or some screen shots with the material used in Yafaray? I’ve been trying to create a realistic ocean for quite some time.

Here you go, but you must download beta yafray to render it , that will looks identical like mine renders (sky parametres are diffrent)
http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/250887/ocean-rar.html (for educational use only)

nice update !!