Yafray shaders question

I am working on some interior scenes with Yafray 0.0.9 using photons. I am wondering if anyone knows how to achieve this same, shiny/speccy effect as highlighted in this image:


Using yafray? Are there any particular shaders/settings I might need to try? Has anyone achieved this before?

Any help is welcome


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EDIT: I’m making some headway with this using specially created spec maps. Just fiddling with the shader values now to see if I can get the desired results. I will post anything that resembles the effect that I’m out to achieve, just in case anyone is actually interested.

Does nobody know how this could be done with yafray?

I have almost tried every hack in the book.

I have a specially designed texture map that can be used to generate this kind of shine - I just don’t know what to map it to.

I’m not sure how to use the spec. shader in yafray, because everytime I try I just get no-where. Does anyone have any pointers in that respect?

Using is as a reflection map (raymir.) doesn’t seem to work, and if it did it’s not the best solution as the glossy reflection that I would need to apply in the XML is both tedious with test renders and time consuming on my computer.

I have even tried mapping it to the material’s emit value and editing settings with regard to that, but nothing seems to work!

Some help would be greatly appreciated!

I have just made the discovery that the spec. value of a material seems to be irrelevant when rendering interior scenes with photons in yafray. Having played with the spec values I notice no change.