Yafray & SiteAdvisor: Prank?

I’ve been using the SiteAdvisor tool for quite some time now, and it’s always performed exactly the way I expected until today, when it rated yafray.org Yellow (visit with caution). Wondering what could possibly be offensive about the Yafray homepage, I asked for more information. Here’s what I found:

Apparently one of their testers told them that YafRay for Windows is a potential adware/spyware program!!! Why would anyone do that? Is it a prank, or simply the impression of someone who installed it and saw that it didn’t appear to “do” anything?

there are also some weird complains about yafray.exe trying to contact spamming servers, which is very unlikely:


My computer doesn’t detect any abnormal activity. Maybe some expert can explain what’s happening.


It says YafRay contacted several servers. That is crap,YafRay has no permission from my firewall to contact servers, if it tried, I would be warned about it.

…please don’t tell me you’re having a software telling you what to download and what not…

the webstat4u banner listing just proves that the database is waaaay outdated and would probably never stop you from visiting a site with bad content unless quite old or visited by millions of people, and it seems the details of the submitter shows what happens to people that trust in it anyway, apparently his system was so infested that it contacted dozends of servers while installing a harmless software…both inno setup and yafray are open source! Anyone can check what it does and compile himself if he still doesn’t trust the binaries…

My opinion on this: configure your browser and firewall correctly, and use your otherwise useless brain™.

My opinion on this: configure your browser and firewall correctly, and use your otherwise useless brain™.

Hey, let’s not start a war.

But I have to agree, having a software made by someone else you know nothign about tel you what to download and what not to, is not good. The very fact you use yafray and it’s telling you something is wrong with it is proof.

Nobody said that.