YAFRAY slow???

I’ve heard that YAFRAY should be very slow but if I compare it with the ordinary renderer it’s very fast. Atleast if you have the same settings and only turn off XML. Strange.

Depends on what you render and what settinfgs you use.

yafray is slow - like any other renderer - when it comes to heavy duty photon “magic”, this is caustics and full global illumination. the reason ppl say “yafray is slow” is because it’s main purpose is/was to render things otherwise impossible with blenders internal renderer, and these are the above mentioned phenomena which take far more time than a simple scanline rendering with a couple of buffer shadows.

quite honest yafray can be faster than blenders internal engine when you need also good results.


That’s what I mean. I am trying to learn YAFRAY and tried to render a cube with it and it was 1 second or something faster than the Blender internal. I tried with a more advanced scene with a car and very simple road and grass and it was faster there too. Not as good result as Blenders internal but it took 19 seconds to render it when Blender internal took like 19 minutes. So which is slow???

Now this is quite…interesting…although I agree that Yafray’s slowness is definitely worth it in the end and that Yafray is only “slower” than Blender’s internal engine when it comes down to some Photon magic, as mentioned before (and that only because Blender does not support these features :wink: ).
But 19 sec. vs 19 min. is quite unbelievable…I guess you had turned AO on and since Yafray doesn’t support it you got a Render “that is not as good” but a lot faster?!

Either way, if you use Yafray properly the results will be worth the time, that’s for sure. I’m using it a lot as the setup for realistic lighting and stuff is a lot easier than for Blender’s internal. That’s the main advantage it has, at least for me.

That’s why it gone so quick. Ok. No Ambient Occlusion? Why? Is there anything YAFRAY have that is better?

use caustics and Gi in mental ray and lets talk about speed again :wink:

For a quick Yafray-preview i use SKYDOME - LOW, no CACHE.
For high quality rendering: FULL - HIGH, CACHE enabled.

For outdoor settings with buildings i stoped intensive beveling, because Yafray produces nice soft shadows at edges.

I just started working with YAFRAY - and can say i’m really impressed.

A thread to collect YAFRAY-settings would be great for all - any interest ?

I’m interested. It should be sticky I think.

I might be wrong here but isn’t it the other way around…?
Using the cache speeds up the render?

I can only tell you, keep on working with Yafray, it’s worth it. It is not perfect (I tried to do some tutorials for mental ray and many of them just don’t work out as well as they should…well, keep in mind that I’m not a Guru or something) but pretty good :wink:

And btw, Yafray DOES support AO…you have to set “Use Blender AO settings” in the Quality Panel of the GI Tab. Method Full.
But I don’t see a reason to do that as AO is merely a GI imitation that is used to fake GI…but Yafray supports GI so why even use it %|