Yafray Test

Hi all.

Been a while since I’ve done anything, been buzy with my new school. But yesterday I got the time to start testing stuff with Yafray’s lights. Here’s the result. I’d like to improve the light setup, so if anybody had feedback, please say so.
The scene is very very simple and lowpoly, it’s just for me a test with yafray’s lightning.

C&C please.

Oo, nice warm ambience you got there. No crits from me, your use of yafray is much better than mine… (btw you might want to bevel some of the edges).

a part of the wall, close to the window seems to be overexposed (pure white). You should try to avoid that.

Also, the light seems to be very diffuse. It doesn’t come from a certain direction (like the sun) but from the whole window area. That would be the case if you had light curtains, but not if you had an open window.

else: the simple sharp edges look really stylish!!

Wow, that’s really nice. It almost looks claymated, like Wallace and Gromit or something.

Try this, reduce the intensity of the light from outside the window considerably, change its colour to more blue. Include a lamp inside the room, make its colour to light orange, yellow (subtle-not too extreme) This will give you a play of warm and cool light, something that is often overlooked as we are so used to seeing it in life.

Love the feeling of the scene. The simplicity is really cool, I actually like that it hasn’t been beveled, gives it a sort of “Children’s story” thing.

Q: Is the light an emitter from the window polygons? And where there other lights you used to fill the scene?

I’m new to Blender (coming from Cinema 4d). I’ve just started using yafray, but have been blown away by its renders (one of the reason’s I’m switching Apps).


mmmm, flippin neat man, sigh i wish blender would pull that kinda lighting out so i can animate some chars in it, it screams for it! =D

top notch!



being a little bit of a Yafray fan(and expirimenter) i would love to get ahold of a blend file or your settings/scene setup…please :]

me too :slight_smile:

i love it!

Thanks for the reply’s all… :expressionless: I’m having such a hard-time-getting-up-mornings but this really helped :).

ngjinkai: Thanks :).

wah_tak: Thanks for the tips, I am going to improve that. I agree with your comment.

Anayo: Hehe, thanks. Seen the new movie? It’s great :D.

Roy: Sounds exciting, I’m gonna try that.

frenzymedia: Thanks. There is just oe area-light with the shape of the window and some Yafray-GI. I’l explain the complete settings more detailed later.

LohnC: Thank you. I agree btw…

nehpets and roflmao: Thanks both, but as said, I’l explain later.

Thanks for the reply’s. I am not gonna have much time this day, but I will improve it later on.