Yafray transparency question / problem

I need a little help, I am trying to get the internals of my headlamps to show through the lenses. Here are three test renders, one with the head light cover and a complete headlamp, one with just the complete headlamp and the other with the glass removed from the headlamp. It looks like the headlamp glass is not transparent at all.
What might I be doing wrong?



At first I would say “increase raydepth”, but I always get a bit lost about how yafray deals with transparency. Another trick would be using this techinque:

If you can post only that part of the scene maybe I can take a look.

Are you using a PNG texture? PNG is not suppoerted by yafray.

Have you enabled z-transp button?

I dunno if it works with YafRay, but maybe turning off the “traceable” property of the light cover’s material??

kudos on the model though.