YAFRAY Trouble

PLease tell me what i need to adjust to get rid of those spots


flipped normals?
do you know

its not a normals problem i know that for sure thanks any way

Do you use photon lamps ?
If so: switch off those and install a “normal” lamp (spot) instead. If the black holes :slight_smile: vanish, then there is a problem
with the photon.
Try to increase the photon count and the radius/search value
(first try the radius/serach value :wink: – despite the effect of blurring the caustics.

If that helps, you “”“simply”""" have to choose a combination of those three, which works for you (yes, it is a game of try and error…sorry ;O)

By the way:
Would it be possible to mail the material definition of the earpiece here (or to me personally) ?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Good luck !

thanks but i found the problem i
for some reason when i took the uv map of one of the small meshes on the ear peice it worked perfecrtly wierd that mesh wasent evan the same as the table i duno any way im over it thanks alot for your sugestions