YAFRAY Troubles …

I’ve been having a lot of trouble trying to render with YAFRAY lately. Sometimes it will work and other times it “renders” in about .20 seconds with a scene of black pixels. It seems rather odd too since I’ll tinker with the settings until it works and then the next time that I open the file it won’t render anymore. Is there some setting that I’m missing or a button that gets reset?

I think it’s not enough info for your problem. Can you post your blend file? Or file with similar problem

I was thinking that I probably didn’t give enough info but since I have no idea what is happening I didn’t know what settings I should post. This is a link to my .blend. I hope that can help.

I don’t know is this the problem, but if you turn on the xml button in second yafray tab, you won’t see any image until it finishes rendering. I turned it off, and now can see whole progress.

I reinstalled my OS and forgot to install YAFRAY. Oops! :expressionless: