Yafray Troubleshooting

Hi, i’m a newbie at blender and lately i’ve been having some troubles in rendering with Yafray, and is that Yafray doesn’t show the UV mapped textures, Yes, I’ve turned on the Texface button in the material tab and also I’ve set the map input to UV, but Yafray only shows the default gray color of the mesh. I’ve tried the latest version of Yafray in Blender from the version 2.43 to the 2.45 and the same problem happens. Obviously, the internal Blender Renderer shows the UV mapped textures, but i rather prefer to render with Yafray due to its higher illumination quality. Guess i’ll try other renderers, but i really need some help with this issue. For any response, thanks a lot!

I don’t think yafray supports uv mapping…

sure it supports UV-mapped texture, but you have to make sure it’s either .jpg og .tga - that’s the first thing to check :slight_smile: