yafray & UV Maps?


I need some quick info plz. I’ve been trying to use UV maps with blender 2.34 and yafray 0.0.7
I found some old docs that said I should use yable or edit the .XML, is this still required or there’s a way to export directly?


You can use uv image textures, but not by using the ‘texface’ button, instead load the image as a normal image texture and enable the ‘uv’ button in the ‘Map Input’ panel.

Is there a tuturial or something on this subject? I’ve searched already but I couldnt find… And I still cant get it to work right… :frowning: I mean, after loading the image as a texture, i press the UV button, but how do I define the UV coords to place on the correct face I want?
And, by this method I’m limited to 8 diferent textures to UV map, right?

Thanks in advance,

Well, you need to go into FACE SELECT Mode by pressing the “F” key in Object mode. Then choose your method of unwrapping with the “U” key and then see your UV layout in the UV window.

You can then assign the UV’s that way.

You are correct in that you can only provide 8 texture layers with this method. It should be more, but that may come in a later release. But, you really only need 4-5 layers anyway, (Diffuse, Spec, Bump, Reflect), IMO.


Thanks BgDM. Already managed to do it!
You’re right, 8 layers its plenty enough for most works :slight_smile:
Except if you have a reeeaaaally big mesh where you want diferent bumps diffuse etc. But I guess no one do that.


Well, I do that. I can have 2 or 3 bump channels, depending on what I want to show. Also, I will tend to use a couple of Spec layers as well, depending on the model. So yeah, you can use them up pretty quickly. Especially if you also want to use an Alpha layer. Then things can get hairy.