Yafray vs. Yaf(a)ray - Which one is better and what's the difference?

Which renderer is better. Is blender’s renderer the best? Can someone tell me the difference between the yafray and yaf(a)ray?

I use Yaf(a)ray because it’s easy to setup and faster than Yafray.

Yafray is integrated to blender, so it easy to use. Although a bit old now, it gives great results. Yafaray is new development of Yafray. You need special blender build from they forum to work with it. It renders fast, and the renders are great, although still ine development, it very good. But none of these supports render layers, which are available only in BI.

I personally use blender internal for most time, when global illumination is needed, I render with Yafaray.

When do you think yafaray will be fully integratable with Blender?

Considering that only Yafray is integrated and all other renderers are using export scripts, yafaray’s integration seems ‘standard’ in blender. Currently render API is being rewritten, and that will allow easier integration of external renderers in blender in future (from programmers view).

But there isn’t answer for your question.

For a general answer to this topic: there’s no best rendering engine, there’s only the best thing for you. You need to test all three of them, know their strenghts and then decide, based on the project and its desires, which engine to use.

I generally use BI for preview renders and non-realistic images, while I use Yafray (and in the future, yafaray) for realism (or even something else, like Indigo). Yafaray is already very usable and it does have some advantages over the old Yafray, like rendering speed but in general, Yafray is probably still easier to use thanks to its tight integration into Blender, especially for new users. Still - it all depends on your needs and your ideas for the project you’re doing.

Ok then, thanks people. I do plan to move on to yafaray in the future. I have also heard that yafray isn’t able to render nodes. Is this true? (Sorry for asking so many questions.)

With the new APIs coming, Yaf(a)ray will not be added to Blender. Internal support for Yafray will more than likely be coming out of Blender. The was a lengthy discussion about it here…

Until the API is written (and what happens then, nobody really knows, huh?): no, you can’t render with Material Nodes. But you can use Compositing nodes.