YAFRAY watch

I thought I would do somethiing time related for the 5th anniversary of Yafray. Here’s what I got so far, lmost finished/ minor crits. Would like to know what I can fix. No postpro, just nodes.


Wow that looks really nice so far.
All nice and shiny. Although in my opinion the glass on the face of the watch should be a bit more reflective, make light shine off that as well.
I think it would look a little better that way, apart from that it’s fine though.

very cool=D make it a bit more chiny and smooth and you’re set imo=D…keep it up=D

I seguggest The ‘‘YAFRAY’’ text inside the inner circle, it will have more space. Work on more details

Shouldn’t the hands be set to 5 'O Clock as a reference to the 5th anniversary?

oh that’s sly ray=D…hidden imagery=D…I love thoose kinda things…do it, lol