[Yafray] What am I doing wrong?

I just started experimenting with Yafray 0.7 and Blender 2.34. I’ve made a VERY simple scene with an area light and tried rendering it only to find Yafray produces a very dark image.

I’ve checked my settings and they’re similar to some example scenes, but even without pathtracing (just plain lighting), it remains dark – no matter if I use an area light or spot or else.

An equivalent internal renderer scene using AO is VERY bright by comparison and I have to tone the area light way down. With the Yafray scene I can get better results by upping the power a lot or playing with GI power and exposure, but they just seem to blow out the highlights and make a very noisy image and it still looks dark overall.

Here’s the sample scene:


And a render without AA…

I see beautiful and bright Yafray renders all the time, what am I missing? If anything else, some pointers to a good tutorial perhaps?

i think your problem is that you didn’t turn the gi panel on ->

go to render buttons -> yafray gi -> select full or skydome (start with skydome) -> then render again after and see what happens

oh and i couldn’t get your blend to open - it dl then i try to open it and nothing happens!

The zip should work now, I recompressed it using the standard zip algorithem instead of Deflate64. Some programs might have problems with that.

I currently have GI set to full at medium quality.

i will dl it in a minute but i am rendering so it takes too long…

in the meantime post your cpu specs, and your os! in the future never give a question like this without them cause certain machines have to be addressed differently! :wink:

It’s just that your area light is not strong enough. At around 5 energy it renders nicely. nteresting tho, that’s half of the allowed strength.

edit: BTW, it doesn’t help that the box is open, since you get no reflected light from the camera’s direction, and rays wonder of to nowhereland.

I had always thought the backwards method of raytracing meant you don’t have to calculate the “nothing”?

Also I’m wondering why the example blends for GI and photons have such low settings, yet render nice and light.

More results now…

By upping the light power and keeping everything else much the same, I get this …thing…


Here’s the exact same scene switched to the internal renderer and using Ambient Occlusion…

And then I toned it down a LOT to get a much more reasonable result:


I further made the entire scene closed off using a “blackout curtiain” of sorts that isolated the entire scene. Same results from yafray even with GI increased and set to medium.

At this point I feel like there’s some unspoken secret to yafray integration I just don’t know or never heard of.

(Note: No AA used in any scene).

Have a read of https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=274752#274752

Also, yafray lights are dimmer than blender lights, so you do have to jack up the power a bit.

you can up the gamma in the yafray render panel…ie same lighting as blender but up gamma to 2.
I don’t know how that effects quality? may give washed out effect???
must play :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem and will try the suggestions. Keeping my fingers crossed.