Yafray WhiskeyGlass

I was trying to recreate an image I once did in 3D Studio Max using Blender, just to get to grips with blender and yafray a little more.
Its nothing special really, no complex modelling or texturing, just simple lathed shapes. Ice cubes are simple subdivided cubes with a bit of noise.

There is some artefacing from an arealight shadow, need to re-render with higher sample settings for the arealights, but Im too lazy right now, rendertimewise.

Anyway, I’d be happy about comments and constructive criticism.

Sometimes it can be quite a bitch to get reflections to show up properly. e.g. when you are using a white self emiting plane as a visible/reflectable arealight. Takes so many testrenders until you’ve managed to place them so that they show up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have done something similar to that in Rhino 3D. But for some reason I cannot figure out how to do refraction. Is there a way possible to email the blend file to me? I can make great use out of the materials you have on the glass and ice.

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When using blender+yafray, glass is easy.

Apply a material. Make it completely white.
Then adjust the “Alpha” slider to zero, thereby making it completely transparent.

Activate the “Raytransp” Option in the Raytracer settings.
Set the IOR to 1.33 for glass.
No need to fiddle with the fresnel settings if you are using yafray, since yafray automatically does fresnel based on the IOR.
I have reduced Specularity to 0. Since specularity creates fake highlights, I usually use self emitting planes at the same size as my arealights, placed right behind the area lights. In real life any highlights you see on glass or actually reflections.
Dont forget to activate raytracing.

If you still cant get glass to look right, tell me and I’ll email you the blend file.

Keep in mind that for glass to look proper, it helps to have something to refract and something to reflect.

Well i got most of it, however I am confused about adding an emitting plane. If you can send me the blend file that would be great.

Looks good! :smiley: How do you get an image with Blender thát sharp/ big?!

In the resolution settings you type in the values. In this case, 1600x1200. The usual buttons are just presets for comfort.
Sharpness was achieved through 16x OSA.
Takes forever to render, but for a single image, its ok.

Thanx for the tip! :smiley:

by the way, half an hour ago I tried to make a glass, this is what i’ve got:

I forgot to do anything with the lighting :wink:

This isn’t correct. IOR for water is 1.33 and for glass it can be between 1.5 and 1.7 and i think even higher for crystal glass.

Whoops! :expressionless:

You are right of course. My glass has an IOR of 1.5, its the whiskey and the icecubes which I gave a IOR of 1.33. For some reason I can only remember IOR 1.33, I always forget the other values and have to look them up.

But either way, I think its most important to have an IOR a bit higher than 1.0, otherwise it wont look even remotely like glass.

I sincerely appreciate your file, thanks man. Hope you take up the gmail invite i sent you! I’ll have a looksee at it tonight.

ChojinDSL that is some excellent looking glass you got there.

Could you please email me the .blend as well?

That would be great.

[email protected]

could you e-mail it me as well :smiley:

i’ve started a thread of my glass, I would like to know your yafray settings. [email protected] is my addres

Your email address bounced on me.

great glass material you got there. the ice looks nice too. the only things that need improvement (remember, this is coming from a n00b) is the ice and the reflections. The ice does not have a very natural look to it. Secondly, the ice would not having that my “shadows” on it. Yes, that really dark yellow color. Otherwise, great work! :wink:

it might be one of your first but the materials aren’t all that great - i give you kudos for trying but it all looks very dull to me - the large screen render isn’t helping - take a look at December (i think) gallery archive on blender3d.org - there’s a Cheer’s for you! if you are going to use yafray - learn to use an hdri or else your reflective glass will all look the same! And as mentioned 1.5-1.7 is good for glass - there’s a good tut (:P) on yafray.org tuts section about how to make good glass and caustics! :wink: