Yafray xml??

Hi. I’m sorry i’m kinda in a hurry so i’ll get to the point. i read that when using yafray if the xml button is turned off, its supposed to show the rendering process of the when making it. But it only shows me a black screen and nothing happens.
Sorry for being such an ass, but i really dont have much time. thx in advance.

Ok. I solved the problem. I just installed the mac Intel version. But i still have another question and i don’t think I should create just another thread.
I created a render and a XML and I want to make some reflections blurry. I edited the corresponding fields on the XML with the text editor, but i can’t find the yafray standalone renderer. I’m using Mac OS X. Its a dumb question, I know, but its really bothering me and I can’t find that information anywhere.
Thx in advance :wink:

well… if you installed yafray, then you also have the standalone renderer! In fact, it should work from a command line… don’t know how it works on Os X but with linux you simply type yafray to access the syntax and options in aconsole:

[email protected]:~$ yafray
Starting YafRay …
Usage: yafray [options] <file to render>

Options :
-s Render using the specified strategy. Valid values are
“threaded”: Multi-threaded (default)
“mono”: Single process
“fork”: Multi-process

    -c N    Number of threads/processes to use
    -z      Use Net optimized
    -r min_x:max_x:min_y:max_y      Render region, values between -1 and 1
                                    whole image is -r -1:1:-1:1
    -v      YafRay Version

Its not really doing anything. The command is not acceptable… But thx anyway.