YAFRAY/yablex for newbie

:x I am really frustrated with blender’s embedded yafray. I finally got it to render. however, I can not get it to render materials and textures. what I am I doing wrong. There are not many tutorials out there for newbies.

I would also like to try the YABLEX. I bought offical Blender 2.3 Guide. It has excellent documentation. However, being a newbie I do not know how to install the Yable script and where to get it and the steps to implement it on a windows xp machine. Please keep it smiple.


well, yafray doesn’t support certain blender procedural textures. I only know of the stucci bump texture, but i think there are more. And yafray also only supportes .tga and .jpg filetypes as textures.

I would strongly suggest you stick with blender/YafrayUI only. You will have even more trouble using YABLEX further it may not be working on current version of blender.

I made a videotut on Yafray which you can download from here.


I hope that it will be of some use to you. In any case try asking your queries either here or at yafray.org forums I am sure there is away that you can learn it faster.

I did not know about .RAR files. how do I open them. I have down loaded your video files. But their extension such as howto-yafray-dof.avi.rar i could not open.
I am assuming their is a offical website to download the .rar files please let me know.


Hi cool!

I highly recommend reading this excellent article by Glen Moyes:


At the completion of this article, you would realize a lot of things including the need to READ THE MANUAL TO ITS ENTIRETY BEFORE POSTING questions like this here…

I am not really trying to offend you or such… but I guess the blender documentation clearly describes the use of yafray with blender.

finally, why do u need to try yableX plugin, when you get Yafray now integrated?

varuag and wah_tak
thanx for your help

Your video tutorial rocks. It has cleared up alot of fundermental questions that I had about yafray. :slight_smile: .

my orignial question was

With new insight per your video tutorial I will rephrase the question. If understand everything correctly, HDRI and jpg files can be added to objects as images. I have been able to do this in both blender’s internal render and in yafray.
I am also able to UV map a jpg file onto an object (such as a cube) and render it using blenders internal render. However, when I switch to using yafray, yafray does not render uv map of jpg file.

AS FOR codebox COMMENTS %|

Not to objects but HDRI is used for illumination in the scene. While jpg can be added as texture on objects.

Had you enabled the UV-button in the textures panel? It works perfectly well as fas as I remember. Also if the problem continues try using Blender2.36 as the yafray release for 2.37a has not been made available yet.

:stuck_out_tongue: The problem appears to be sloved by installing the lastests Yafray 0.08 with Blender 3.7a. [!]

I am now able to map a jpg file to an object via the UV mapping method :smiley:

Due to my limited know of blender I will not sure why all early versions of blender were not allowing me to uv map.

You guys are been a great resource. I have learnt of information which will save me lots of time.

I was also having problems getting the Yafray tutorials to work on www.yafray.org. I will be try them again tomorrow. Hopefuly, by installing yafray 0.08 the problems I was having will also be gone.

Please be patient with us (newbies)

blender rules [!] [!] [!]
yafray rocks [!] [!] [!]