How do I get this do work with Blender? When you split the screen and have one window script or something.

to get yafray to work using yable (this is assuming python works on your comp, if it doesn’t there is a thread on the python forum for help) just follow these steps to get started:
have a scene that you want to render in yafray open in blender
split the window in half and change the type (by clicking on the little icon, bottom left) to the notepad type thing
click new, and load, then load the yable script
click ctrl p in this window to start it up
you can assign materials to your objects by selecting them and using the materials heading in yable
when you’ve done setting the materials and lights and stuff, click the render button in the global settings menu
you should get a picture in your yafray directory or your blender directory

Hopefully that helps, but im not very good at explaning this sorta thing, so just say if you don’t understand certain bits.
This is just for a basic scene, i haven’t actually done much yafray myself so i can’t help wih the complicated stuff.

Oh cheers dude. I just have to get the script now.

Check yafray.org or check the yable\yablex sites. Also theres a tutorial mentioned on the yafray.org forums for newbies.