Hi guys,
I was traveling in blender site, when i found Yafray. I went to the Yafray site, and, until now, I don’t understand what it does, and how work with blender. Please, help [!]

if i remember correctly, you have to add yafray to your file path, from your control panel if you have windows, and then you can render straight from blender. there is a blurb about how to do it exactly on the yafray site.

but what it does?

Yafray is a render engine that can render blender scenes instead of using blenders internal renderer. There are many other render engines and many can be used with blender by means of export scripts, but Yafray is more integrated into blender. Maybe you can look around the web for information on render engines to get an idea of this stuff, there are many: povray, radiance, toxic, virtualight, etc.

yafray is a raytracer ( yes blender already has one, but it’s not quite yafray grade ) for certain things, like ice cubes for example, it’s a better choice. i’ll see if i can dig up an example of something that’s yaffed brb
…ok perhaps not the greatest example, but

I made a yafray render of the corkscrew frow this thread


unedited yafray:

unedited blender:

Whenever I try using yafray, it always gives me a weird-looking picture that does not look anything like what Jedi Dawn’s corkscrew looks. Where can I find some info (preferably a tutorial) on how to use it?

This is where I learned http://www.blender.org/docs/2.32_release/gituto/index.html :wink:

so how are the other renderers different from yafray?