Why is Yafray so damn slow. can i do something to reduce the rendertime for yafray??

What do you mean with slow. What are you trying to render, what hardware do you use??

Yafray is much slower in windows and was not developed to be used in windows but rather it was ported to windows. Use linux to render 40% + faster instantly. I’ve seen render times go from 20 minutes to about 8 minutes with windows vs linux. I don’t know what they are doing to improve that in the upcomming release though.

What do you mean with slow. What are you trying to render

im trying to render a room with a table and stuff on it and some enviroment

what hardware do you use??

i’ve got at P4 2.4ghz and 1gb ram and geforce ti4200 128mb

Often Yafray will be slower then the internal renderer of Blender. Depending on the settings you use the rendering times can increase even more.

There is an (unofficial) benchmark file to test and compare the speed, here:
Maybe it is useful.