i have windows xp and blender 2.36 and when i try to render something with yafray it always stop responding and can’t render the image is it maybe becouse of my graphic card geforce4 mx 420 64MB??

Do you have Yafray installed??
The rendering will have nothing to with your graphics card BTW


yea im running a gforce 2 64 mb :frowning: and rendering in yafray so not the video card

yes i have yafray 0.0.7 instaled.
i found out that when i render something with yafray blender and the render window stop responding but yafray is rendering the image so i just have to wait .

when i render something with blender internal the scene looks good but when i render the same image with yafray it is very dark, and it doesn’t show zblur ,why

If you want to see the Yafray rendering process, unselect XML in the yafray-panel.
You will also have to adjust your lighting to get similar results as Blender internal.
I don’t think the sequencer plugins work with Yafray.