Im going back and seeing what I can do to some old scenes. So I get an old living room scene and try to yafray render it but every time it renders its black or the computer shuts blender off. I seen the tut from Yafray and I followed it to the point. I still get no seeable scene.I’v increased the distance for the lights and the value or energy and still comes up black. I put about four lights in the scene and it still comes up black. i’v rendered it with the xml button on and it comes up black i rendered it with the xml button of and the computer shuts down blender What is my problem

I have just recently encountered a problem with Blender automatically quitting. It happens in Linux because Yafray eats up all your swap space. In Windows, it will eat all your page file, Blender quits, and then it tells you that “your virtual memory is getting too large. Windows is going to resize it. Some programs may be affected.” or something like that. It may be a memory issue. Now, the black screne thing. You might have to post a .blend on that one. If it is what I think it could be, if your only light source is outside shining through windows, no light will reach your camera (I assume it is on the interior of your room) without using photons. Correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure that is how it works. You might want to remove your glass panes. Just an idea.

This might sound slightly obvious, but are you sure YAFRAY is installed correctly? It seemed to work automatically for me, but it might not for others.:rolleyes:

post the .blend file so we can pick it apart.