I’m relatively new to blender and still inding my way arround. My problem is, how do you set yafray to render image textures, halos, lense flares etc properly?
It’s beggining to get on my nerves having to render animations with the internal renderer.

yafray can’t atm. render halos and such - it can render textures fine, just stay with .jpg and .tga. - and… yafray isn’t really for animations :slight_smile:

you say yafray isnt really for animations but why is this?

YafRay tends to be a bit on the slow side for animations. While it renders ray-tracing much faster than the Blender Internal Renderer, it’s still not very fast for animating. Not only that, but it’s lack of a tie to the Blender Compositor makes it very hard to do a composite render, but rather still images can be sent through Blender compositor.

For animations I generally prefer a buffer-shadowed Blender Internal render, it goes much more quickly.