Yafrayed sailboat -- in artic waters

Alright, updated this thread, pictures up, nice effects with meshes and a whole lot of things. But I still need help with the sails.

Any help welcome



Well i would you want to convert NURBS into a mesh you could use. Any way just hit alt+C and convert it to a mesh. At least that is what I would do but who knows if that is right hehe %|


thanks, I didn’t know that trick! :smiley:
One learns all the time… I’m still a newbie though [!]
Any comments/ideas on how to make a good water material?

Water material most i can say is subdive a plane and put a stucci texture on it. then hit the noise button for a little bit to get wave effect maybe. then add desired color. hope that helps.


I found this piece of software that might be usefull for water http://www.lysator.liu.se/~kand/caustics/ I haven’t really played with it other than install and test.

uh, thanks, but I’m a linux user… for some reason blender is extremely slow with boxes and opening menus under windows, so I use it under linux where it’s way faster. I might try and install the program with wine, but I’m not sure of what results I’ll get.
Thanks thought, it looks really promising.

ok, I think I finally got the water right by just messing around with the texture and displacement and raytracing options… Have a look… I redesigned the boat from scratch…
got rid of the old pics, they don’t have anything to do with reality anymore…
Tell me what you think.
Also, how can I make a deck as a separate object? just extruding the top part, then separating the vertices? or does anyone have a better idea?

alright, put up new pics…
this is the one where you see the entire boat… the others focus on specific parts

Comments welcome…

Uh, question, does anybody know how to make a good looking material for both the hull and the sails? I’m trying to find a good combination, but help would be appreciated…

Well, watch your proportions. The mast appears to me to be much too small, while the sails may be too large.

Clearly, different materials would be used for different things… hull, deck, mast, and so on.

I suggest that you focus on the boat, perhaps putting a picture of a boat in the background or on your desk while you tweak until it looks right. Leave off the backgrounds and other nonessentials until the boat really looks and feels good. Until you get the proportions right, no amount of detail is gonna make it “click.”

right… thanks… gonna work on it tomorrow… I’m calling it quits for the night…

^^ha, I can even make rhymes when I’m tired!

well, I did a little raft thing and a good texture for the sail was clouds scaled down really far on top of itself with an offset. With the first one add and second mix. Then, it was a little wierd looking so the third one was plugin with nothing loaded, (it is black). The first two affecting color and third effecting color and nor. Oh and just to mention, depends how your sail is sized but I had to scale the cloud texture down really really far!

Updated my website, and as soon as I have finished the last image (0009!) I’ll put it on my website.
A little question, is the res good enough for you folks, or do you want me to make it bigger?
I’d be happy to make it in fullscreen. Only it’ll take more time to render, but that’s ok too.
Also, I’ll update the image of my goblin sometime soon.

how’d you guys like the water? and do the proportions look right?
Also, can someone PLEASE guide me step by step to load topix in blender so I can use it for the sails instead of a converted NURBS surface?
and keep those C&Cs coming along,


Hey, I’m trying to give these sails a better look… does anyone know how to get Topix to work, or if there is another cloth plugin out there that would do the trick?

I don’t think topix will really work for this, I think one of the ways to make the sails better is to use more translucency… Also, most boats that I’ve seen over 2m long have the sail attached all the way up the mast - There is too much force on the corners of the sail otherwise.

right… I’ll try that…
but how do you want me to use translucency, it’s not transparent at all… and I want to give it the “rippling” effect you get from tension on the cloth… that’s why I’d like to use topix, or any cloth plugin. do you know any?

Maybe you can add some kind of ‘wave’ at the points the sail is attached to the mast (i hope you understand what i mean). And try another water effect, this one doesnt look like wather. contact me if you need help with that.


well, after my sailboat more or less falling in the depths of forgetness, here it is again…

The whole directory:

I’m working on making alot more details now… like the sails are going to be attached, and I’m going to have to work hard to model the ropes… if someone has a tut on that, they’re welcome to post it.

I’m having trouble finding the right mist settings…

once it’s too high, once not enough… proof:

If anyone has suggestions about how to optimize those I’d appreciate it.

update again:
I hope you guys enjoy the last one. Thanks to Surphaze on #blender I’ve got decent water now… I might add an island in the background, but so far that’s what it’s like… IDEAS???