Yafray's caustics problem

hello there, i have a problem i hope you guys can help me out to solve this…

im modeling a scene, and i have a wine glass with wine on it, and other without it, when i render them with a photon light the one that doesnt have wine renders fine. but the other didnt… the glass is a mesh and the wine is another. I realized that the wine’s caustics stay at the interior part of glass wine and do not pass thorugh the glass to the table…i want make it look real… every opinion or solution will be helpful!

is there a button or some setting to make the glass actually transparent, so the caustics can pass through it?

this is my scene… sorry the resolution…


assuming is wine(liquid) uses a ‘colored glass’ material, and the bottle uses a simple ‘glass’ material, i think the caustic should show through. You might want to turn up the ray depth (global, as well as the ‘caustics’ depth in the yafray render panel)

nice scene by the way. i like it.