yahoo chat sucks!!

ugh…I just reminded myself why I hate yahoo chat…lol. i was bored so i decided to see what was going on and I realized that everyone in there was younger than me… i went to an adult room and they were all too old…dammit I guess I’m at that time in my life where I don’t belong…lol.

I usually only get pissed when they don’t let me watch their webcam :wink:

That’s why we have spyware :smiley:


IRC is where it’s at because the uber-retarded people can’t usually figure out how to use it. Unfortunately, it still has the same inherent problems that any anonymous chat system has.

I sure am glad I figured out how to use it before I read this post, or I’d be really mad.

It wasn’t a challenge.

The biggest problem that Yahoo chat has is (other than the fact that only 40 are allowed in a room at a time) that they have no channel operators, as in irc. Without channel operators, you have alot of commercial bots taking over rooms and alot of rude and crude people who can’t be kicked or banned from a room. Until Yahoo changes this, it’s about useless.

Privately created rooms have ops in Yahoo chat, if I remember right.

Hey, it’s not my fault. I read the manual and I did the whole invite someone for a chat and they don’t respond. Bah.

WTF am I doing wrong? Am I not supposed to chat to just one person?

I think IRC is just designed for certain people. Y’know like washing machines are designed for er… people who know how to use them (I think that’s politically correct).

You read the manual for what? IRC is a program in the same sense that the Internet is a program. It can be connected through many progs (usually including your web browser). You need to connect to a server (#Blenderchat is on freenode) and then join a channel, obtained either through a channel query or a website that directs you there.

I guess I should throw in that you’re not missing much, really.

I read the manual for the commands like /join /msg and where to find channels to join. Then I connect to a channel and usually I see one or two messages scrolling in the main window but only 2 or 3 users. So I randomly choose people to invite to chat and I never get a reply so I just gave up.

I didn’t really have high hopes for it to be honest. I prefer to read forum discussions. I find that people who type on chat things rarely get a decent message across. Maybe kansas thinks this is a chat server.

That’s why we have spyware :smiley:

That can be done?? :o :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to find an established chat, and even then a lot of people do idle most of the time. The Blender channels are full of people though and usually at least one of them is active. You must connect to the freenode server for it to work though, since IRC channels work only through their respective servers.

Good call :wink:

osxrules, I hope you were kidding. :expressionless:

That would definately be “uber-retarded”…

Saying that uber-retarded people can’t figure out how to use it doesn’t imply that all other people can.

That’s why we have spyware :smiley:

That can be done?? :o :P[/quote]
Yup (not that I have)