Yahoo Messenger under Linux

This is for my gf’s mother. No matter how many times I fix her computer she manages to mess up Windows. So im looking into installing Ubuntu for her. The only problem is that she likes her Yahoo Messenger. She likes to be able to send pictures over it and have people see her webcam (please dont ask why). So my question is, what is the closest Yahoo alternative that will work under Linux? Will Yahoo work under Wine?


she keeps messing up windows and you want her to run linux? thats one of teh lunix users biggest complaints about wiondows is that it assumes them not to be smart enough and even asks “are you sure” even for shutting down. i would look more into aetting up her windows with an admin acount and setting up her a personal acount where she wont be able to mess up the pc, like the root/user acounts under linux. if she is already wrecking an os you dont want to take the training sheels off.

but if you really insist on ubunti the default im client was gaim which has been renamed to pidgin. and it’s yahoo compatiable (as well as aol, msn, and alot of others.

the ubuntu page is before you assume it is windows software.

I gotta ask… Why?

You can’t even get it working on your own computer and you’re going to try to set it up for someone else?

You might also consider that a ‘messed up computer’ is just an excuse to get y’all to come over.

Its empathy now.

ROFL… I can get it to work on my computer. I can install Ubuntu. I can install software and I can use it. What I cant do is set things up my way so that anything I do doesnt require a lot of work. Here is one example. Under windows I use Winamp to play music. If I want to send a song thats currently playing (or any other one) to my mp3player all I gotta do is right click on it and send to my player in Winamp. Under Linux I had to run a different application (gnomad) then browse for that song, then transfer it. If I have a problem with something I look up help online and then im told to write some kind of code (that i know nothing about) into my terminal. Why cant I just click on things? Its just simple tasks like that that I want to make easy for myself. Not to mention that I just cant bring myself to use GIMP since it seems to be only powerful enough image editor under linux. But anyway, I dont want to go into this with you now.

@rdo3, thanks for your suggestion. As far as I know Pidgin doesnt support yahoo webcams.

HI !

i m facing some difficulties while installing yahoo messenger in linux operating system plz help me in installation process.


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I use this msn for linux . It worked for me

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