Yakuza's Honor

Hi guys :smiley:

I comes here for the first time to show you my work, and to confront me to the international critics :wink: .

Therefore, here is one of my better pictures: Yakuza’s Honor


I hope that you will like it,
comments and critics are welcomes 8)

PS: maybe the image is too big, 100Ko…Tell me if it is, i will post a smaller one.

very good!..but your wood looks like plastic

i don’t know… maybe it’s the contrast between pink and brown. but your picture lok like too brown or too dark.

Nice pic…question though, what does honor have to do with cutting off a finger? Also, is he planning to make some sushi rolls with the finger?

Is it suggesting he wasn’t man enough to take his own life so instead he lopped off a finger? Just curious.

As I understand it they get fingures chopped off whenever they stuff up. As for the look of the pic. Its very good. I like the laquered look of the blades sheath and handle.

Nice work i have to say.
The only crit i have is, to me the thumb is abit small in comparison to the knife etc (or is that only me :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thank you guys for your critics and comments ! :slight_smile:

May be there is not enough of specular.

The light and the pink red color were chosen to give the dramatic atmosphere. May be it’s not so good.

The Yakuzas say to be themselves the last Samourais.
The Samourais themselves done Hara-kiri in case of disgrace.
The Yakuzas, them, cut themselves the small finger (in fact, 2 phalanges of any finger) that they offer to those that they one offended.
If the offenses accept the gift, the honor of the Yakuza is restored, otherwise, it must die.

Not so far and thank you.

The Kiwi:
It’s not the thumb but the little finger. May be it’s why you believe that it is too small.


Isn’t Hara-kiri when you take a sword and cut out your organs?

Sorry for the disgusting comment :P, but the samurai in 47-Ronin did…

Yes it is.

Start on the right of the abdomen, go to the left, and go up to the heart, after that, you need a friend that cut out your head before you die (sorry for the details, it’s the ritual :< :wink: )


sorry, i have trouble reading the japanese, too…
i like the little knife tho.