Yamaha 350RZ

Hi all,

Except for my Stargate, this is my first realistic project… I’m working with blueprints and photos. All advices are welcome…
You’ll find the pics here (I’ll add more every day, the more recent ones at the bottom):


that looks great, man! very impressive.

Tres bien!
RZ350 is my memoried one. I’ve loved its powerful and sesitive 2-stroke engine. I think the shape of fuel tank needs more work.
I’m looking forword to see the final render.

Thanks both of you :slight_smile:
There’s still a lot of work to do but I’m going fast :slight_smile: There’ll be more in a few hours.

I havn’t seen your stargate. Could you share the pic?

About the WIP. Looks nice. Keep it up. Materials could use a lot of work though.


About the Stargate, I posted one on Blenderman but it seems to be down… Here’s the last one anyway:


For the bike… Thanks for the crit about the materials, but don’t forget I started 3 days ago :slight_smile: I want to finish modelling before working on better materials. I want to get as close as I can to the original.
There’ll be a new pic within half an hour by the way. I began working on the scenery (I need a break in my work on the bike itself).


Lando - I took a look at your own Stargate… I realized I saw it before… And I must say that, the day I saw it, I felt jealous :slight_smile:
I wrote the description of a character I imagined, and I am going to send it to several TV show producers like Charmed or Stargate SG-1. I had the idea to make a demonstration of my character with Blender, and when I saw your thread, I choosed to do that with a Stargate! That’s it, you know the whole story :slight_smile:

looks great…dont know what the bike actually looks like but thats looking real good so far keep it up

thanks red_flag, here are a few pics:

Wow. Thanks. My StarGate is still a wip after all. I never realised it had such an effect. I don’t think you ever posted a WIP thread for your Gate. If you do, I could give you some pointers.

Ok, I’m getting off topic. The bike. The modelling on the bike is very good, especially for the amount of time spent on it, but the modelling on the scene needs some work.

1-On the table it looks like you used subdivison surfacing, correct? Unless the table is supposed to have some curvy thing going into the legs, I’d bevel the mesh. But that’s just me and I don’t know exactly how your mesh is constructed.

2-The lights looks like a cone on top of a cylinder. Firstly, you should select the circle at the end of the cone and extrude it and scale it in some, then extrude it back towards the end and merge the verts. That way your mesh has depth to it. then I’d add wires coiling up the cylinder and plugging into the light.’

3-Bevel the stand mesh.

Now to materials:

1-Lights need materials. And just my opinion, don’t make the material chrome.

2-The posts that circle the bike need more reflection, like in the last one, give it a chrome material. I’ve only seen red posts once (Christmas time!).

3-The red light in the rear needs a better material.

4-I love your floor material! Don’t change it!


Well, thanks for all those tips :slight_smile:
But, one thing at a time:

Actually, I forgot to say that I’ve done a Stargate before, about a year ago… A very simple one, it was just for the background for one of my first scenes. It was an outdoor scene where you would go on holidays :slight_smile: with a lake, trees, and… a blue sky with two moons! So I put a stargate in the background. It was so simple that I decided to do something better when I saw yours :slight_smile:

It’s not old (two weeks). I haven’t used blender for months, I decided to make an other try the day I had the idea to make a demonstration of my character…And now… I can’t stop! :-)))
So far I have the gate-opening procedure ready. I have a low-quality movie if you want, but I’ll give you the link on private because it’s on my own server with a small bandwith :slight_smile:
By the way, I think I’ve found a solution for that projection that comes out of the wormhole when it opens… (I remember you were looking for something like that 2 weeks ago, don’t know what you’ve done since): particules projection + a metaball parented to the emitter + a lattice for the overall shape… After that, it’s just a matter of number of particules. It works great for me, I’ll do a render of the gate opening if you like. But be careful: the more metaballs you have, the longer the render time gets! (a 800x600 pic requires about 30 min on my P4-1.9 GHz laptop when the projection is visible, with about 1000 particules total, but it requires less than 10 min when it’s off).

I know :slight_smile:
the bike is about 4 days old now, but the scene is brand new - I started it yesterday. Thanks for your tips anyway, i’ll keep them in mind when working on it.

Next update tonight or tomorrow.


http://www.3dcafe.com/asp/textures.asp if you like :slight_smile: (this one is in “flooring” of course!).