Yamaha APX500

I started modelling my guitar, and this is what I have so far:


You’re doing a better job then me so far. Can we see the base wireframe before subsurf etc?

I don’t have any subsurf on the model.

The wireframe of the neck is still a bit messy underneath, but I plan on fixing that.


Added details to the head.

I’m really pleased with how this project has turned out so far. Tell me what you think.


Looks very detailed. For the strings I recommend making cylinders and then adding a coil normal map. That would make them look super real

Looks great so far. This will look real nice with some textures on it.

Wow, good job on the modeling (there are way too many poorly thought out guitars floating around out there). I’m looking forward to seeing this one progress, not much to crit at this moment as it all looks fine.

This is what I’ll do for my next projects :slight_smile: (musical instruments)
Looks very nice! If your guitar is made of wood, and you don’t know how to do it look cool, use cloud textures, and maybe wood, reduce an axis of the clouds.

That’s…very good. I don’t know if I’d ever have the patience to use that many vertices in a model and not be itching to click the subsurf button and delete half of them. That’s excellent. And no ‘stretching’ either!

When doing the body, I traced the outlines with a beizer curve which I then converted to a mesh, and for the hole, I just made a circle with as many vertices as the outline, and used the ‘skin edge loops’ function, pretty quick and easy

I always did wonder how people could do things so easily. =) LEVEL UP!!
Now I know it’s correct modelling technique.

I made the strings, still some minor tweaking to do on some of them.

I was actually a bit afraid of start working on the strings, but they turned out a lot better than I’d have expected.

Thanks for the feedback so far. I really like working on this model, everything I try seems to just work ^^


looks really nice so far.

lol, i was thinking that it is motorbike,
great model:D

Yeah, it looks like Yamaha does everything. Boats and/or boat motors, motorbikes, musical instruments…
Looking nice :slight_smile:

Do you need help on materials?

This is an electro acoustic guitar, so I added the controls.

Just a few small additions, then I can start working on the textures


Looks fantastic. How did you get that string to wind round the tuning post so tightly?
My old attempts just ended up a bit of a mess hehe.

Only crit would be the issues above and below the controls. Possibly doubles?
If it doesnt fix it add in another loop to both sides should help.

Also the edge where the sides join the top looks too sharp but that might be light or angle.

Sweet so far keep it going.

Odeas:, I used curves for the strings, and I started by making a spiral which was then scaled to the size of the tuning post.

I fixed the problems above and below the controls by just added another loop above and below the box (the box is a separate object), I also fixed the sharp edge between the sides and the top of the guitar.

I think the modelling is pretty much done, here are some last renders before I start texturing it


Looks awesome! Put it in a good scene and it may be gallery material.

as long as you don’t screw up the textures. I would put it on a stand and put it in a dark scene with a beatup amp and bear bottles and/or drugs.

That would rock