Yamaha-like Motorbike

well here is my entry for the F1,
had a lot of fun making it, but got out of inspiration, so… i call it finished.
this is whole pure blender, no textures used etc etc…
well at least i don’t feel n00b anymore after making this.


Nice, should work on your materials some. Possibly your lighting.

Hey nice job. Good job on modeling, but i think the materials could use some work.

disk brakes arent red, and they cannot be lol.

i like it, but an env. would be nice, how many polys?

in future they will :wink: … But why can’t they be red?

polycount = 26430

because it makes the surface too smooth, and itll just wear off if its paint, or powder coat, or even anodized. see, theres ALOT of friction on those pads, ALOT. after slowing down from 120 mph, there smoking hot, let alone the 400 itll go in the future :smiley:

in need for speed:underground, you can paint the disk brakes…lol

nice bike!

Nice Bike

you got a point there :slight_smile:
but then they went to jupiter, and discovered a whole new element, called diskbrakium :wink: and guess what, it was red.

No you are right, but who cares, i thougt it looked cool so…

very nice. much more hardness needed in the materials though, and an enz to reflect.

diskbrakeonium! yay! i need some for my 6 disk brakes! (not including cars!)

Nice work. The modeling is excellent.

did some(:P) postprocessing…

What ahppened to the color?! :o

Them handle bars need to be a lot closer. I own an r1 and it would kill me to have to stretch that far to reach the handelbars. Tell me, does this look like a comfortable position to you?


But that’s how people ride bikes. The handles aren’t close on them because people lay on bike, and it is kind of comfortable.

lol tuggles :slight_smile: nice painting, post it on cgtalk.
I understand what you mean i will fix it

Here’s a bike that looks like yours, you could use that for reference I guess…


Notice how far the handles are.