Yamaha Vintage Amplifier

Hi there,

currently I’m working on a model if my good old Yamaha CA-810 amplifier from the late 70’s. Please let me know what you think about it:

[EDIT 12-Oct: Material refinements, added a new perspective]


Wow… these amps came out right in my era during high school. You’ve really done a nice job on the face plate.

My only critique is if it was photorealistic back in my day… that volume knob would be set at around 8 :slight_smile:

Do you think this will be the final environment it will be in? In either case, well done, and I will look forward to seeing your additional progress on this amp.

Today’s update: I’ve finished up the model of the front plate and adjusted its material a bit. I added the woodcase with its aluminium made grilles for the air circulation. The texture of the case is only for testing.

I created a little scene. The buddha comes from Archive3D. Textures are poor :frowning: I still have to learn…

WARGL ! Beautifull :yes:

Hi there,

here’s a little update of the amp. I modified the textures a bit although I’m not 100% happy with it. The back wall needs smooth shading to be activated. How does the texture of the amp’s woodcase look to you?

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Hi all,

yesterday I began to add some imperfection. Using the compositor I added some lens distortion, vignette and so on. To me this looks much more realistic although the chromatic abberation could be a bit softer.


Nice going, but for more realism look into adding a hdr environment to give the face plate a little more subtle reflections. Curently everything is looking too clean and sterile.And if its a 70’s period, id switch that ornament for a bong!

I kind of agree with redgrund on experimenting with an HDRI evironment. The model looks great, you have done a wonderful job on it.

I’ll vote for some HDR goodness as well and add that I like #6 over #8 (except for the un-smoothed wall)
The wood for the table has a more natural look IMO and the DoF pulls the eye very easily into the receiver.

My dad has an old Marantz SR2000 and I am totally getting that vide from this render so far. Very nice work.

Hi there,

this is the current status. I added some scratches to the front plate in order to simulate the brushed metal. Maybe I have to refine it a bit, but I think it comes out very good - do you?


Hi there,

here are another two renders. I’ve improved the material of the front plate a bit. The new perspective perfectly shows the displacement.


My first thought, when I saw it on the shelf with the dolphins, was that it was too small.

Then I realized what was causing that: the wood texture on the shelf makes the receiver look like it’s only four inches tall. Maybe try scaling up the receiver unit, or scaling down the shelf?

My only other reccomendation would be to add dust. These things collect all kinds of dust in the crevices around the knobs and switches. This thing looks like it’s straight out of the factory.

Other than those two things, it looks great to me. Love the faceplate.